Personal Injury


Personal injury cases are disputes that occur when one person is harmed or injured in an accident and someone else is legally at fault for the situation. There are usually two ways these situations are handled, either by formal lawsuit or an informal settlement. In a formal lawsuit, the harmed party files a civil complaint against a person or business, claiming they acted irresponsibly in connection with the injury and party involved. In an informal settlement, the disputes are resolved early through an informal settlement usually between the party injured, the insurers, and the attorneys that represent both sides.

There is a negotiation followed by a written agreement and you will want to have Glasz Law as your attorney. We strive to make sure you are informed every step of the way, instead of being kept in the dark. We understand that this process can be very personal, so we handle all our cases with the utmost care and ensure that you are taken care of. At Glasz Law, we know that all the bills involved in the personal injury incident can be costly, so we offer high-quality legal services at an affordable price.