Divorce Attorney in Lincoln, NE

No matter what the reasons are for filing for divorce, the legal process that follows often takes its toll emotionally on both parties. With an experienced and attentive divorce lawyer by your side, however, you can focus on yourself while we handle the legal details of your case. Glasz Law can represent you and make sure you are treated fairly during your divorce in Lincoln, NE.

What We Do

Our goal is to ensure you receive fair treatment during your divorce so that you have the means to pick your life up and move on afterward. That’s why we provide fierce representation for:

  • Asset division: A prenuptial agreement often delineates how assets will be divided during a divorce, but it may not cover all situations and assets. We’ll fight for you to make sure you get your fair share after a divorce.
  • Custody battles: Children often lead to a more complicated divorce. If both parents are equally invested in their children’s lives, they may face a custody battle. Our job is to get you the custody or visitation rights that allow you to keep up your relationship with your child.
  • Financial support: Depending on you and your spouse’s situation, you may be responsible to provide financial support to them as well as child support for the children. We’ll help you ensure you pay only what’s fair.

No matter what situation you encounter during a divorce, our team can help you face it and overcome it. We have experience with everything that can happen during a divorce, so you can rely on our experience and knowledge to guide you through this difficult time and help you move on with your life afterward.

We are dedicated to negotiation but not afraid to take your case to court if needed.

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