The Federal Government has made it a lot harder for immigrants seeking asylum to start a new chapter in their lives and create a profitable future for generations to come. This also hurts a lot of business owners who rely on foreign workers, as now they must jump through all sorts of regulations and some are facing heavy fines. Foreigners traveling to the United States for work, study or to live here, must familiarize themselves with all the regulations and proper paperwork that is required. However, any foreigners already in the country that are in violation of the immigration laws of the United States must be prepared to fight in court or they will face deportation.

At Glasz Law, we don’t want to see families torn apart, when they’re just trying to make a life for themselves and most are just struggling to provide a safe life for their families or to better their education in the American schooling systems. We will help you apply and obtain permanent residency. As you can imagine, this process can be very frustrating and understand that this is also emotional. Glasz Law will continue to keep you educated and informed every step of the way and will not make any major decisions without your knowledge.