Criminal Defense Attorney in Lincoln, NE


If you are facing criminal charges, then you need a criminal attorney immediately. Criminal defense is a unique field of law that Glasz Law attorneys deal with on a daily basis. Most of the population of people who are being pursued by law enforcement have no idea of their rights. Did you know the police are allowed to lie to you? Did you know that if you are driving and stopped by police they cannot search your vehicle? Or, if law enforcement tries to speak with you, did you know you have the right to refuse to speak with them? Having the strength, knowledge, and courage to stand up to law enforcement comes from protecting clients accused of criminal acts.

When you contact Glasz Law to be your criminal defense attorney in Lincoln and Omaha we will walk you through the charges so you understand every option and defense available to you. At Glasz Law Offices, our aim is to help you at an affordable price and with personalized attention to your case. No matter what your charges are, who is conducting the investigation or how serious the allegations are you can be confident that Glasz Law has seen it before and will get you through it now.